Sunday, June 3, 2012

Two good practices today.  We went pretty light this morning lots of shooting and a few breakdown drills 2 on 2.  This evening we got the chance to play a lot of 5 on 5.  We have had a lot of family and friends stopping by to watch practices.  So great to see all the support!

We are off to Europe tomorrow.  It feels pretty crazy saying that seeing as though we just arrived in Toronto.  You will not find an athlete out there that doesn't appreciate a short and sweet training camp.  This does mean that we have lots of packing to do tonight as tomorrow appears to be quite busy.  Practice tomorrow morning followed by a lift.  Lunch will be a nice send off BBQ with some family and friends. We take off for the airport at 5pm.
I know there were some requests for video content and we will be adding that once we get in Europe and have a little more time.  So stay tuned...... GO CANADA!

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