Thursday, June 7, 2012


Sorry for the delay the Internet is questionable here at our hotel.  For some reason we cannot log onto either twitter or sign in to the blog.  Pretty sure Nat is going through twitter withdrawals.  We are able to log on at Starbucks so we will try and update the blog occasionally. 
The travel day was fairly uneventful no lost bags Alisha won the money.  At every airport we all put in a dollar of whatever currency we have and the first bag out wins the pot.  We are pretty comical in the baggage terminal shouting out boos or cheering for the winner.  Guess if you are going to attract attention wearing matching outfits you may as well draw as much attention as possible.  Give everyone a reason to stare at you. 
Edinburgh is beautiful; we are in a 4 star hotel right downtown.  We have had 3 practices since arriving here and were given a surprise day off today!  Always exciting.  Most of us took a hop on hop off tour bus around town learning about all the buildings and history.  A few others walked around the castle. 
Our amazing team manager took the team pic before boarding the bus.  Thanks Elaine Sun!  

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