Saturday, June 2, 2012

We're Back!

Phase 2 is officially underway.  It feels as though we have been waiting forever to say that.  Since last October we have woken up wishing that it was June 25th.  While we are not quite there yet we are finally in the final prep stage of our Olympic qualifying journey. 
Having a qualifying tournament this late is tough.  Everywhere around you people are gearing up for the Olympics.  The billboards are up the commercials are running it is like constant reminders everywhere you turn.  You feel like a little kid before Christmas the malls are decorated people are excited and happy but you can't open your present yet.  Finally our countdown calendar has started we are 23 days away from our first game in Turkey!  
We hit the court this morning for some shooting and went through our offence.  Tonight is the fun practice we get to play a little 5 on 5.  
It is great to be back together although we are missing muffins and pearl aka Megan and Janelle.  They were both named alternates and since this camp is only 3 days they did not fly in. 

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