Friday, June 8, 2012

Just came from a welcome reception hosted by the Scottish government and Standard Life.  There were some delicious canapes and drinks.  With an early game tomorrow afternoon there was not much drinking going on but the food was delicious.  You can see from the picture we were greeted at the top of the steps by a bagpiper.  Pretty official. 
Other than the reception the day was pretty much a typical training day.  We woke up for breakfast and then went to lift.  The hotel has a nice little gym on the bottom floor.  It is great that we can keep up with our weight programs and don't have to opt for the weight room free versions yet. We practiced in the afternoon and the gym we will play in has been transformed.  The lines are thick and the Standard Life name adorns every corner of the gym.  Even the backboard.
Game day tomorrow, we are ready to play someone new!! 

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