Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hello from the USA!

Hey All!

Here is a little update on my life! (which has been crazyy busy but wonderful!)

I have decided to take somewhat of a non-traditional path in comparison to my teammates and instead of returning overseas I am pursuing my Masters and training in the USA! for now.. haha :)

I am doing a million things at once but somehow managing to not stress out because I am really loving everything I am doing.

Let me preface by outlining my major commitments:
1. Training
2. Full Time Masters Student (Exercise Science)
3. Graduate Assistant for the Faculty/Staff Wellness Program
4. UD Women's Basketball Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
5. Hostess and soon to be Server at Jimmy's Ladder 11 Restaurant and Bar

SO for those of you looking at that list in confusion let me explain one by one.

1. My training has been going really great..finally. When I arrived back from the university games my back was a little tight and a little sore, well I figured 4 days rest would suffice and then started back full go. Not smart! Within a couple of weeks it was getting worse so for a week or so then I took 2 days off. Then I tried to modify my workouts to "take it easy" and after a couple weeks of this I could barely walk because my back seized up so badly. At this point I woke up out of my stupidity and got on a physio program and took some time off. I worked with a physio team here in Dayton, Ohio on a slow, progressive recovery program with the goal of nipping my back issues in the butt instead of struggling through workouts all year. Success! I returned to the court in December and have been beating up on a few guys in a Men’s League! Dayton really is a magnificent set-up for me training wise with the facilities and access to people to train with.

2. I am in love with my courses and so happy to be back in school! Straight A’s my first semester! I have been thinking about doing my Doctorate at U of M (Where Krista went for her Undergrad!) after I am done. But back to the present: I am going to be a TA for the Anatomy lab course this semester and dissecting cadavers! (SERIOUSLY exciting)!

3. My Graduate Assistant Position is really great. Basically I organize all the classes and events for faculty and staff that have to do with health. We offer all sorts of classes for our faculty/staff (like yoga, pilates, spinning, body sculp, etc.) for a really cheap price (1$ per class, 20/ semester). We also offer health risk screenings that measure blood pressure and cholesterol and we do mammograms and flu shots and audiology and glaucoma screenings. I just think it is a really great program that reaches a lot of people and I love being a part of helping our campus become healthier. We also offer lectures on topics like “10 simple steps to making healthy eating more delicious” and part of my position is to teach the fac/staff strength and conditioning class and I am also picking up the fac/staff walking club this semester too!

4. This was very unexpected and crazy. To tell it quickly, the women’s team got a new strength coach this year that was not working out and the head coach asked if I could do the girls team strength and conditioning and I accepted. It is going really well and the girls are making some great improvements in the weight room.

5. So I am doing all these things but not getting paid a lot to do them. So in the meantime I am the hostess at a restaurant on weeknights!

SO as I said life is crazy but because I am enjoying everything I am doing it is great! I’ll keep everyone posted on all the excitement next semester brings!

Bye for now and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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