Sunday, September 11, 2011

Three practices under our belt and we are coming together. The first day and a half is always a bit frustrating to play and I am sure watch. We are not used to playing together, our offense is on crack, we move and run around like crazy turning the ball over quite a few times in between. Thankfully we have now settled in and are getting used to playing with each other after our brief break.

We did have to make a cut before we came into camp so Lee is no longer with us. We miss her sparkling personality and her tenacity on the boards. Our roster stands at 13 right now. This camp we have welcomed back KD! She is dropping dimes and about ten pounds worth of sweat each practice. She has had a long recovery and it is great to have her back on the court with us again!

Our afternoon meeting with Roger consisted of progressive muscle relaxation. It was an incredibly relaxing session. Most of us fell asleep for a small portion of it, even though it was only about 20 minutes long we all felt quiet refreshed afterwards.

With the evening off a few of the local girls are headed home to hang out with family. The rest of us are hanging out around here. We are quite close to square one mall which means we have a theater, coffee shops and shopping to eat up our free time.

We are back on tomorrow morning and evening. A reminder that all our practices are open to the public so come on out to UTM and say hello! Pretty sure the evening practice is the "fun" one to come to. A little more scrimmaging and game action to witness.

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