Friday, September 9, 2011

Ugh. Been glued to the computer and TV watching our men fight tooth and nail (sometimes literally) the last two weeks. And yesterday Panama ripped their hearts out, feel sick for the guys they needed to finish just one spot higher to advance to the next round of qualifying and they got burned. Many of us vets here on the women's team know what that feels like and wouldn't wish it upon anybody. Those guys give up so much and put everything on hold to make it happen for Canada basketball and it is too bad it won't be next summer. Their team had made such great strides from last summer, was confident they would get through to the next round. We have a bunch of great guys out there and soon enough good things will start happening to them. Proud of the way they played and represented the flag.

As for us we have been getting together informally here in Toronto, it has been really productive and great to catch up with the girls outside of camp. The pre camp excitement has gotten really high, we are going to bring lots of swag the next time you see us. Camp opens tomorrow morning!


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