Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Keep your eyes open for an NBA TV Canada special featuring your favorite team! The last two days of practice the boys from NBA TV have been watching us practice and interviewing the team. We like to think we are the best team they get to work with since we fed them lunch and even offered up some amazing chocolate cupcakes when we could have hoarded and ate them all ourselves. Shout out to Liz's mom for making delicious cupcakes and driving them all the way from Montreal! It was a great way to start our day and a half off.

Training camp has flown by, we only have three more practices left before we fly off and get to play someone else! Even though it has been a short camp we are already at the point where we need a game. The refereeing has not been quite as bad this camp but we are cheating like crazy on defense. Pretty sure no team would play defense the way we are right now. The good news is that while it is not always pretty we are finding ways to score.

The hotel is very quiet now that the local girls have all gone home. Pretty sure the rest of the floor 7 hotel guests are happy, no shouting down the hallways or maneuvering around treatment tables outside of the elevators. Ontario pretty much makes up almost all of our team so the remaining 5 of us are on our own to find something entertaining to do the next day and a half. Square one mall here we come!

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