Saturday, September 24, 2011

Game day!

Thanks for all the good luck wishes! We have been comparing our good luck messages from friends and family this morning, some pretty impressive ones! Starting to believe our families and friends are feeling more excited for the tournament to begin than we are!

We had opening ceremonies last night, it was hot! Every team was paraded around the gym with a dancer and music typical to their country. Our dancer wore a pretty gold dress and we walked out to Avril Lavigne. Apparently that is who people associate with Canada! The ceremonies were tevlevised so they finished after one hour which was nice because we were sweating in the gym. It was very well run though, the orgranizing committee had waters for us and a little snack pack with a delicious local fruit that we have not yet figured out the name for.

Off to shoot around now and game time versus Mexico 7pm local time!



  1. Fabulous girls looked amazing...We will watch TSN2 tomorrow at 11 30 am for the replay...Good luck again tomorrow..

  2. Good luck Canada!!!