Friday, September 23, 2011

We were able to check out the gym yesterday it is an open air gym which means hydration will be pretty important for us. It was nice to get a practice in to get used to the heat and humidity. The floor has great bounce although it was a little slippery for our practice, needed a little wash. Think we were the first ones to test out the facility!

Today we were given the 8am practice time which we opted out of. At this point we are prepared and don't need to cram. Waking up at 630am doesn't make sense considering our game is not until 7pm tomorrow that and most of us are not morning people!

Everyone went outside and walked around the city. We stand out quite a bit here so there was a lot of questions and stares on the street. We didn't have anything to worry about though since we had a policeman trailing us wherever we went. The best discovery of the walk was the fresh fruit carts where we could purchase giant avocados and mangoes. After the walk a bunch of us jumped into the pool to cool off and stretch a little.

This evening we have the opening ceremonies and game day tomorrow!


  1. Maureen Polan-MurphySeptember 23, 2011 at 8:52 PM

    Good Luck tomorrow....We are all following...and thinking of you...Go Canada Go...we are cheering for you all !!!

  2. Go Canada, we are so proud of you all.