Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer Days

Hello Everyone,

This is Kendel Ross Checking in. This summer has been unreal busy. I actually just attended my sisters wedding last night and it was a beautiful event! She looked incredible and perfectly happy and I am so happy for her and my new brother-in-law Jason!

Other than all the events that have been buzzing about for the wedding I have been loading my schedule with many training tools. I start my mornings training clients. I actually have really been enjoying getting up and at em in the am once I got use to the daily 5:30 am wake-ups. I am a morning person and getting things done with in the morning always makes for a better day for me. Once I finish training others I head to a bootcamp I participate in every day. It is a camp set-up for elite athletes in Sarnia and I really think it has had a huge hand in improvements I have made this summer. It is just a great workout and it is so nice to be pushed by other atheletes that are at the same level.

Once I finish my AM workout I head over to my highschool where I am helping run a basketball camp from 8:30-12:30 everyday. It has been really nice teaching kids skills and helping start out on the right foot. Passing the torch so to speak from when I was the one in camp, first picking up a ball and getting the instruction.

After camp I either get in some skill work or play open gym with some guys. This was one of my favorite things to do in high school and I have loved getting back to that. Guys are just naturally so much faster and stronger that it forces you to get better when you play with them. yay!

My nights are split between a bootcamp I run, lifts and a men's league I am taking part in so I have been busy,busy,busy! I like it that way though, I get bored without something always on the go.

It has been really nice spending time at home as well. I haven't been home for this long at a time since high school and it has just been grea to connect with people I have not seen for a while again and spend some time with the family. I am now feeling ready to take on the world again heading into training camp and back to Dayton in the fall to do my masters.

I have loved that my life has been flowing nicely from one thing to another without much planning needed and I am really excited for the new challenges that heading back to Dayton will bring and also the winter of training ahead. I feel there is great things for Canada Basketball brewing and I am excited to be a part of it!

Until Next Time,

Enjoy the rest of your summers!


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