Friday, July 22, 2011

Only A Few More Days!

Hey yall, it's Miranda checkin in from the lil sister city of the place we're trying to get to next summer (LONDON, Ontario!)

This summer has definitely been a summer of ups and downs for me. I had an incredible opportunity to try out for the Tulsa Shock and realized my goal by making the team! It was an amazing experience while it lasted but, unfortunately, my time there was cut short when I was released about a month into the season. Although I was understandably disappointed, it turned out to be good timing to come back to Canada, train for a few weeks, and join up with the women’s national team for the 2nd phase of competition!

Every year it feels so good to be reunited with my Canadian teammates, so I’m eager to head out to Abbotsford on Sunday so start our second training camp in preparation to travel to Japan and China. We have an awesome group of women with wonderful personalities and great skills to match. This is going to be a great summer for Canada Basketball!

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