Sunday, July 24, 2011

The long wait is finally over and we will all be reunited today. We are all traveling today to meet at UFV and our first team meeting of phase two is at 9 pm tonight. It is just a beauty of a day here in wonderful British Columbia. This past week has been really fun. Muffins aka Janelle has stayed with me all week. Our first couple of days were spent in Bellingham WA so we could scrimmage with my old team in the afternoon. We would wake up in the morning and head to the gym to shoot and lift and then go home for a bite to eat (cooked by yours truly) and then head back to play open gym. Our last night in Bellingham we went to a Karaoke bar and boy did muffins just blow the crowd away with her talent on the mic. She sang a little jingle from Ace of Base “All that she wants is another baby” and then later on in the evening sang, “I will survive”. Needless to say she was the crowd favorite. I was just too intimidated by her to make an appearance on stage that night. After that we came back to B.C where we have spent most of our days working out in the mornings and then just relaxing in the afternoons. We have been cooking some great meals together and even made a Mexican feast for my parents one night. You see Muffins and Pearl not only rap but are quite the combo in the kitchen as well.

Before Muffins got here I spent most of my time at Western in Bellingham training with a couple of guys. It has been great to play against guys because they are very challenging but they also take the time to help me with my game. I have also been nannying for my coach’s children a couple days a week. She has a 12 year old, a 9 year old and a 7 year old, so it sure kept me busy!

I am so excited to see all the girls and coaching staff today and I know this will be an amazing week of training. I love going to training camp because we get to play basketball with such a talented group of athletes. We work hard and we always have fun. Everyone just gets along so well and the jokes never seem to end.

I better go finish packing!

Until next time, keep it real babes

Pearl aka Megan

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