Monday, July 11, 2011

Ontario is the BEST coast

G'Day Blog Followers!!
Now for all people that live in Ontario you know what I am talking about :) We have a running joke on our team Team Ontario vs. Team BC we are already super competitive people but try to tell one part of the country that the other is better and there is even more competition! I feel that Kim may have started this well maybe I was part of it as well :) Most of our training camps are held in BC or Ontario so we like to judge each other’s provinces in a score series with checks and X's. Now being from Ontario I feel like we have more going for us no we don’t have the mountains and the ocean but really Ontario has Niagara Falls and 21% of the world’s fresh water in the Great jealous! The only reason I bring this up is I have had the opportunity to spend some good quality time in Ontario on our time off. I do not spend much time here with our crazy schedule but i feel in the last month I have been able to experience a lot of what Ontario has to offer. When I first got home I visited Niagara on the Lake for the first time. It is mostly known for its wine but it is also famous for the Shaw Festival. My family attended My Fair Lady in the Shaw Theatre; it was very well done! The town itself is very picturesque. Pubs, patios, little shops and boutiques everywhere. On Canada Day weekend I did what most Ontarians do most weekends in the summer I headed up North. Ontario is famous for its cottage country. My friends cottage was about 20mins outside of North Bay right on the lake and we didn’t see a cloud for 3 days! It was magical! One of the most relaxing weekends I have had in a long time. Now this past weekend I went to the Toronto Zoo. I had not been to the zoo in forever! My sister packed us a picnic and we had a great day admiring all the different animals from all the different places. We did not visit the Canadian domain though it was a hot day and by the end of the day we figured we had seen all those animals in the wild at one point :) Ontario is "Yours to Discover!"

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  1. Enough of this Ontarionian Propaganda! :) WEST SIDE IS THE BEST SIDE!!