Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Hey Hey,

This is Kadie Riv checking in from the TDOT. Things are going well over here on the east coast. I’ve had a bit more time off than the rest of the girls, trying to rehab my knee so I can be back in action for September. On top of all the training and physio, I have started to train and workout young athletes. I started up my own little business. I even have a logo (pic up top)… guess who the ball player is J? I’ve worked some camps and I have been the guest speaker for a couple of bball events as well.

I have also been taking some courses (math and French). I took both my midterms during this time off. The test center that I went to write my exams at is run by this man who goes by the name Mr. Math. He told me he is the god of math and that I was in the temple of math. So… basically I have met the god of math and I have been inside the temple of math. Not many can say that.

That’s about it from over here. I am excited to start phase two and to see everyone.


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