Monday, July 18, 2011

Hola amigos, Shona here.

Checking in from Spain where I live and play. I’m in a city in the south called Cadiz.

My weeks are busy with lots of running errands and my workouts but I do try get away to enjoy some of Spain on the weekends. Most recently I just got back from Cordoba, small little city where Salmorejo (similar to gazpacho soup) was invited. You need to try it; it’s to die for. Oh I also spent a weekend in Tarifa, southern most part of Spain, its famous for kite surfing and pretty cool that you can look out into the ocean and see Morocco. When I have more time I really want to take the boat over and explore a little of Africa. My friends who play for Great Britain came to visit me after the European Championship and we headed to Seville for a night and also Ronda. Ronda is said to be the first city where bullfighting took place. So needless to say I have been enjoying keeping and myself busy.

I would like to say that everyday I am doing my workouts on the beach…. But sadly I’m not. It’s too HOT!!! I think all the tourists would think I am nuts trying to run in that weather. My “American” football is a big hit though, people always want to try throw and catch it. Workouts have been going great, I really like our strength program, and I’m fortunate to have a friend here who rebounds for me and puts me through drills on the court.

Well it’s about siesta time (a nap after a late lunch).

Excited to get back on the court with all my teammates!


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