Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hey From Portugal

Hey Everyone,

This is Kendel. I am number 6 in our team picture above! I have now been in Portugal for about a month and a half and things are going great. It is my first professional basketball experience and I feel like I lucked out a bit. I have heard some horror stories but I have been really well taken care of, thus far anyways. I have my own apartment that I am living in with my Fiance who is staying in Portugal with me. He is looking at signing a professional running contract and has an 8K race this sunday that is somewhat of a try-out. The coach of the team he wants to run for will be there and if all goes well it looks like I wont be the only one making money doing the sport I love.

As for me, basketball has been treating me well, my team is young and can be frustrating at times but they are a great group of girls and I like them a lot. We have had some tough competition, playing against all the top teams of the league first but have come out with some good wins and we continue to get better. I am loving that I am getting the opportunity to really work on my game. I am spending a lot of time with the ball in my hands and having to find new ways to score all the time.

Other than that I have had some opportunity to travel. I have hit up places like Madeira Island with the team and I am just a ferry ride away from Lisbon. The team and my apartment are actually just outside a small city named Barreiro and it is very cool navigating our way around a little village. Mike and I are official Mini-Preco club card holders (This is where we get out groceries) so I would say we are getting along just fine. Mike and I are going to London, England to spend American thanksgiving with friends next week. We are definitly very excited about that. I will not be going home for Christmas this year so the company and being with people on a holiday will be nice, even if it isn't a Canadian one.

Overall, I am happy and healthy in Portugal and look forward to my next 5-6 months here. I'll be keeping you posted! Have a great week!


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