Thursday, July 19, 2012

Solid practice this morning, our 5th in a row!  The bodies are a little sore and tired which is probably a good thing since it slows us down a little.  We execute much better the second or third day into camp.
On to the exciting things today... we got to head to Nike town and pick out a pair of shoes.  Pretty cool.  These Olympic perks keep on coming!
After the shopping spree we were off to the Spice Route in downtown Toronto for a lovely send off party with family and friends.  We ate some great food and got a chance to visit with our family and friends in the area.  Also got to check out the crazy bathrooms at this restaurant.  Apparently they have won awards.  In all the stalls there is a giant window facing a little garden area with water features.  The whole area is closed so nobody can walk around and see you but still a little unsettling the first time you go in.
We were all pretty fired up leaving the social.  We were given 3 scrapbooks of well wishes from all of our amazing fans.  Thanks!
Tomorrow evening we are LONDON BOUND!!!!


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