Monday, July 23, 2012

Olympic Village!

Hi everyone,
Checking in from the Olympic Village here!  Let me start by saying we all arrived safely.  We were all a little sleepy on the bus ride from the plane but we soon perked up as the village was in view and we passed by the Olympic Plaza.  We have only been here 3 days and the Village is starting to get busier by the hour.
Little Village info: The dinning hall is massive, open 24hrs a day and has food from four different regions of the world.  Also the BEST place to people watch!  Its funny trying to guess what sport each athlete competes in.  We have noticed that we are a lot taller than most other athletes.  I guess we are used to being around other basketball players so we don't notice how much taller we are.

We have used the weight room a couple times and it is very nice.  Might get a little crowded once more people show up but as of now no complaints.

Food around the village is plenty full.  There are little booths set up with specialties from, Wales, Scotland, England and Northern Ireland as well places you can pick up sandwiches and salads if you don't want to walk to the dinning hall.  Oh and we can't forget the fruit smoothie people who ride around on bikes offering us smoothies!

There is the plaza area that has a "pub" which serves a great variety of coca cola products.  Also has pool tables, giant connect four, giant lawn chess, giant jenga and foosball!  A few computers and other tablets to use as well as couches and lawn chairs to hangout on.  Also located at the plaza is a very large internet cafe, stores, the official Olympic boutique store, and a salon.  Yep thats right we can go get our hair done, a facial, mini manicure whatever our hearts desire.

The CANADIAN part of the village is awesome.  They have absolutely thought of everything to make our stay here comfortable so we can concentrate on our competitions.  Little cold tubes set up for us, a cardio and weight room, a wellness area to do yoga and stretch.  The best part is the athlete services room.  Yep a place for only athletes to go, no coaches!!!  We can go play Wii, watch movies, hangout and lets not forget the snacks they have available for us.  Our team is staying in two of the town homes which are three stores each.  Only down fall is there are 2 washrooms for 8 of us to share.  We have a nice little patio area where we have been hanging out getting treatment and enjoying this awesome weather.

Can't comment on the gym yet as we have only seen the practice facility.  Hopefully we will get some pictures up for you shortly.  Everything is a little surreal and hard to describe.  We are very much enjoying ourselves but more importantly we have had a couple great practices and are still working hard to get better and be as prepared as we can.

I suggest if you have any specific questions go ahead and comment on the blog and we will try get back to you when we can.

Thats about all for now!
Go Canada!!!


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