Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Muffins and Pearl video debut

Bieber remix

A treat for all the fans out there.  If any of you are following us on twitter or Facebook you may have already seen this video.  Muffins and Pearl have created a promo for our China games to the tune of Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend".  Fans we need you to help us go viral.  We are looking to bombard Justin Bieber, Steve Nash and any other successful person or business via twitter, Facebook, or email.

As for today we had some good and bad during the scrimmage.  Probably more bad than good.  Our defence was pretty good.  We gave up a few too many second shots but our positioning felt pretty good for only a week together.  On offence we got stuck running the same pattern every single time down the floor.  We became predictable.  We also fell in love with the 3 point shot, not sure we had many paint catches in the 4th and 5th quarters.  In our defence they were all wide open and later in the shot clock.  For tomorrow I am sure we will be emphasizing getting the ball inside.  It would probably help swing the foul count as well.  Not sure what the official count was but it felt around 40-5.  WNBA refs are much softer than FIBA refs.  We could have changed the way we boxed out or screened to satisfy the refs but at the end of the day we don't care about this scrimmage June 25th is what we are preparing for.  The reality is the international game is chippy and you have to learn how to hold off on rebounds or roll hard when someone tries to go under your screen.

Pretty excited to sleep in tomorrow morning, first sleep in of the camp.  Breakfast is not until 930 tomorrow!!  We are just now returning from Seattle at 10pm so it will be nice to unwind and get a solid 10 hours.

Go watch the video and help spread the word!
Go Canada!

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  1. Awesome!!! A good laugh, and catchy too!