Sunday, September 25, 2011

Internet sucks

Alright so if we don't post for days at a time it is because internet is hard to find around these parts. The first few days were magical, you could load shows and talk on skype clearly now it is a struggle. You see all the athletes walking around computers in hand yelling into their mics.

Game today was a great defensive performance by us! If you watch us on tv just watch our defense!! Offensively we really didn't show up, there was no execution we played a little slow and were back on our heels. Tomorrow we are going to work on sweeping the ball and getting people off us so we can be better passers and more of a threat. Our defense kept us in the game for the most part except for a stretch in the 3rd when they hit some deep 3's and we didn't make any baskets.

Regroup tomorrow against Paraguay, we have the early game @ 2:30. We win the next two and we are in the semis.


  1. Great job ladies! We are behind you all the way! Keep up the great defense

  2. We believe in you all! The time to peak is the semi's. Go get Paraguay tomorrow.

    jay and Colleen

  3. We are so proud of all of you. You can take the rest of Round 1. You are an amazing Team and deserve to be there! Today is yours!!