Sunday, August 7, 2011

We lost to Japan tonight in a hard fought game. We were down two at the half and couldn't seem to get any offence going, while they enjoyed a nice hot streak. We battled back in the fourth quarter and showed a lot of character. We were down by 15 and had a chance to tie up the game at the end.
T played amazing... she was all over the court with her steals, rebounds and quick takes to the basket. Japan had no way to stop her!

We had a great time in Japan, they have been by far the most generous host nation we have ever travelled to. I wish we had something more to give them other than the same pins for three games in row! We cleaned up with a really nice t-shirt and scarf. We highly recommend visiting Japan for pleasure we can not say enough good things about the country and people. Their players even presented Sho with a birthday cake after the game during the media interviews!

We may not update tomorrow as we are headed to China and a 15 hour travel day. We are a little bitter about the day but we are going to embrace it.

Go Canada!

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