Thursday, August 18, 2011

Travel home.

We have all made it back to our "homes" safe and sound. It was a long travel day starting with a 3 hour bus ride to Beijing after our final game. Putting athletes on a bus following competition without a bathroom is cruel. We have to drink so much during these games, especially when the temperature is high. Inevitably we have to pee every half hour or more in the few hours following a game. This resulted in the bus stopping on the side of the highway and half the team popping a squat right there on the side of the road, not once but twice!! Life would be so much easier if we were boys in that situation. We arrived at the hotel around 12 and our wake up call came the next morning at 430! It was a magnificent four hours though, the hotel was great, we didn't know they had soft beds in China.

Travel was long but smooth China Eastern showed 2 movies on repeat, hoping to never fly them again!

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