Thursday, August 11, 2011

Today was a great day in China!This is probably the first time you will hear one of us say that. We left Tunliu bright and early to fly into Beijing. Once we landed in Beijing we crammed our entire luggage into a mini bus and were on our way to the Great Wall. Words can’t really describe how amazing it was to view in person. We knew it was quite massive but to see it snaking up the middle of the mountains was pretty spectacular. We spent about an hour walking around and made it nowhere near the top but we took some great photos!

We were back in the bus for another hour and a bit before we arrived in Zhangjiakou. It is a larger city about 2 hours north of Beijing. The hotel is very nice, we have large towels to shower with, and it appears to be mold and lizard free!

This evening we had a welcoming dinner with the mayor of the city, the sponsors who paid for our trip to China and a few other important people. There were some speeches, a lot of toasting and some really great food. The servers kept on coming with the dishes fish, shrimp, fried rice, noodles, soup, mutton and a few more exotic looking creations for the brave ones. We were all quite stuffed as we made our way back to watch some film.

Film was one of those sessions where you cringe watching. We played bad. It looked even worse on film than it felt in the game but our mistakes are easily correctable and we are looking to right the ship tomorrow night.

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