Monday, February 21, 2011


This blog entry was inspired while I was lying on the couch watching t.v., completely drugged up, the day after I got my wisdom teeth pulled.

First off, I should say that earlier this week I put my back out. I was working, doing the bread thing at 4:00am in the morning. I guess I wasn’t quite warmed up yet, I was just straightening out the bread racks, hadn’t even got to lifting bread trays and putting out bread yet. I managed to finish working that morning (with the help of my mom) and went straight to physio. The physiotherapist told me that my L4 was rotated, and my L3 and L5 were both a little out of place, as well as having deep muscle spasms. Once he managed to get my muscle spasms under control with some stim., he manipulated my back and put me back in line. I saw him again two days later and he did some more manipulation and traction on me (I thought that might make me taller, but no such luck). I go back to see him on Monday, and I am not allowed to workout until then. So, it’s been six days since the back injury, and I am still a bit stiff, but the back is doing much better.

Well, the back injury was perfect timing because I couldn’t workout this weekend anyways after having my wisdom teeth pulled. The surgery went well. I only look a little like a chipmunk…just a little!!! So you must be wondering how I was inspired to write a blog entry after putting out my back and having my wisdom teeth pulled?

Well, with all this lying around on the couch, this morning I was able to watch an inspiring and motivating segment on the 1 year anniversary of the Vancouver Olympics. This piece was centred around the amazing triumphs, tragedies, and obstacles that athletes endured throughout the games.

There were many examples of the athlete’s stories that brought Vancouver, British Columbia, and the entire nation together. It all started with Alexandre Bilodeau winning Canada’s first ever, gold medal in moguls on Canadian soil. He put the nation at ease, taking pressure off many other athletes, getting that first Canadian gold medal.

Joannie Rochette, figure skater, took to the ice to compete just hours after hearing about the tragic death of her mother. Joannie captured the hearts and souls of all Canadians, with an enormously gusty performance. She inspired a nation, showing her strength, character and courage through an extremely difficult time.

John Montgomery, won a gold medal in the skeleton for Canada. While walking through Whistler village, going to a routine celebratory interview, a random fan on the street handed him a pitcher of beer. With a smile and not a second of hesitation, in true Canadian fashion, he accepted the beer and took a swig. This moment showed how the spirit of the Olympics brought athletes and Canadian supporters together, sharing a passion of true national pride.

And how could every Canadian not feel a sense of pride when Sydney Crosby scored the game-winning goal to give the Canadian Men’s Hockey Team the last medal of the 2010 Olympic Games. This moment was symbolic of a Canadian pride and spirit that was embraced by all throughout the Olympic Games.

With the passing of the One Year Anniversary of the Vancouver Olympics, and our upcoming Olympic Qualification Tournament this summer, I couldn’t help but think and ponder what OUR STORY is going to be. How are we going to write OUR STORY? The obstacles and successes that each of these athletes experienced during the 2010 Olympics are memories that they will never forget. Their stories, as ours, are shaped through hard work, dedication, tears, laughter, motivation and perseverance. It is up to us to determine how OUR STORY unfolds!


  1. That's a powerful entry Teresa!!!! I too have powerful memories from 2010. And was lucky enough to just by chance be downtown for the lighting of the torch on the anniversary of the opening ceremonies a few days ago. Evoked powerful memories. I wish each of you all the very best as you prepare for one of the most amazing events on earth!!!!!! warm regards.

  2. I was just about to "like" this comment, but realized I wasn't on facebook... Can't wait for summer camps to start again and to begin OUR STORY!!!

  3. Love hearing updates from you and your team-mates Teresa.
    Great entry.