Sunday, June 17, 2012


Our last two games have been played at venues around 2 hours away.  The days felt quite busy there was barely any time for a pre game nap.  The first game we played the Czech Republic it was a great team win everyone came in and contributed.  Our minutes were spread out, we are pretty hard to beat when we play like that.  It felt good to win a close game and execute down the stretch.  With 30 seconds left we had the ball on the sideline with 1 second left on the shot clock.  We misconnected on a  lob inside and the ball was stolen by a Czech guard.  Next thing we know she has hurled the ball all the way down the court... she thought 1 second was left in the game.  The whole gym was in stunned silence.  We gladly took the ball back and scored!
After the game we ate at a restaurant nearby and the food was delicious.  Our hotel here in Lyon is very nice but the food has not been spectacular.  It was nice to get a few different choices the last two nights.

Last night we got pummelled by France.  We just started slow.... we could not hit a shot in the first quarter and they hit everything.  It was an amazing setting to play a game.  The gym was packed with enthusiastic fans who chanted and danced and cheered their hearts out.  There is no better environment to play in, it gives you goosebumps and they are not even cheering for you.  The passion for their team is awesome.  We were a little disappointed that we did not play as well as we could but we missed shots that we know we can make and in the second half the score was 23-23.  We know we can play with them we just have do it for 40 minutes when we meet on June 26th.
Today is a day off!  We have certainly earned it 3 games in 3 days with 8 hours of bus rides in no joke.
Looking forward to recovering poolside!!  

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