Tuesday, September 20, 2011

We bounced back against Puerto Rico tonight. Both teams started the game shooting quite well. We gave up 22 points in the first quarter but in our defense they were on fire! In the second quarter we held them to 9 points. In the third quarter the game became a typical FIBA American slug fest. The refs were not calling fouls either way so it became a game of "how much can we get away with". There will be a few nail scratch marks tomorrow morning. That is not to say we didn't get away with a foul or a hold or two of our own because we did. We almost lost our composure a few times but made big plays when we had to. At one point Allison called a time out just to tell the refs they needed to clean up the game on both ends.

It was a great final tune up as all 12 players were ready to play and competed hard tonight. Our next game will finally count! It feels like we have been building for this all summer long and we are excited to finally be going to Columbia. Although we are not super excited about our travel day to Columbia...

4am- load bags onto bus
6am- depart San Juan to Ft Lauderdale
10:30am- Connecting flight to Bogota Columbia
1:05pm- arrive Bogota
7:05- connecting flight to Neiva, Columbia
8:07pm- arrive Neiva airport and bus to hotel!!

Fun day ahead of us we will probably not post on the blog tomorrow.

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