Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day and a half off....

Well we earned our day off today. A new drill/game was introduced to practice and it was not easy. It was a transition defense drill that felt a little more like sprints. Granted part of that was our own fault, we got excited and wanted to fast break all the time. It left the legs feeling a little bit heavy for the rest of practice.

The UFV campus was abuzz today with a BC day celebration. There was a slip and slide (home made with plastic wrap and sprinkler) and Teresa said she was ready to throw down some money for anyone who went down. Pearl was pumped to make an easy 5$. With of a few of us chanting her name she took a running start and failed miserably. The home made slip and slide did not hold up and she wound up taking the whole thing down. It was a valiant effort none the less. Hopefully Ree is still going to pay up!!

Girls are visiting with family and friends, going to the movies, and resting and recovering. We are back in action Saturday morning.

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