Saturday, June 4, 2011

We had a great practice this morning, had a chance to play and compete a little bit. Best news of the day... we can't spin today because the gym is using the bikes all day! Don't get us wrong we are all for extra conditioning. Most of us took time off before this camp after our college and overseas seasons finished. However our rear ends are quite tender and are very thankful for a recovery day.

Yesterday we had the afternoon off and most of us took a chance to recover for a few hours. We all emerged from our rooms later in the day and headed out to explore Torrejon. Spanish restaurants don't open up for dinner service until around 8pm at the earliest. A few people enjoyed some tapas for dinner while others sat in the central square and drank coffee waiting until the clock struck 8 and they could eat dinner.

For the most part our days are spent practicing, eating and sleeping. We have watched a lot of movies and there is a group hooked on the show True Blood.

Time to head out for second practice!

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