Monday, June 6, 2011


Spanish training camp is finished. This morning was our light practice, we put up some shots, and went through our offense. Chelsea came up with a fantastic new shooting game that was enjoyed by all.

This afternoon the chef at the restaurant had a special treat for us, paella! It was absolutely delicious and a nice break from our routine of pasta, sauce and a protein. Not sure if it was the paella or what but our whole team crashed hard this afternoon. Even those who normally skip siesta were out for at least an hour and a half!

Today it rained on and off and this afternoon there was a giant thunderstorm about 20 minutes before we left for this evenings practice. The recreation center we have been working out at was occupied so we were supposed to train at another basketball gym in Torrejon. When we got to the gym buckets were set up all around the concourse and the janitors had their mops and towels out. Obviously playing five on five on a slippery floor is rather dangerous so practice was cancelled! None of us were overly heart broken.

Tomorrow we have the day off to rest and get ready for our next trio of games.

Off to France in two days.


  1. You lucky girls! Following your travels really makes my day worthwhile!

  2. Thanks for the update Kim, really enjoy following you guys on here.