Friday, June 10, 2011

OT heart breaker......

We lost a tough one to France tonight. We took them into overtime and wound up losing by four. We started the game in slow motion on offense and they hit every shot they took. We battled back and managed to answer all of their runs until overtime.

While it is always disheartening to lose especially a close game we were happy overall. Our bench was fantastic tonight everyone came in focused and contributed. The bench is so essential in our qualifying tournaments we used to play five games in five days! Now they have added more teams so the format will change a little but it will still be a lot of games with little to no rest time. Having people bring energy and spark us is imperative for us to win gold in Columbia.

Defensively we were great except for a few mixed box outs. At the end of the game they seemed to get all the right bounces and it becomes a matter of pushing them back even more. While we will be a pretty big team in FIBA americas we are tiny over here in Europe. Tomorrow night we need to be better on the boards.

It is 1 am and time for bed! It always takes forever to relax and unwind after a late game. Thankfully Allison cancelled shoot around tomorrow and pushed breakfast back to 10am!

We are on tomorrow evening 5:30pm France time.

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