Sunday, May 22, 2011

Training camp is almost in the books!! Last night we made a few cuts and some girls headed home this morning. It is always a tough day when you have to say goodbye to friends and old teammates. However we are excited about how well we are playing together after only 7 days.
Below is a 12 player roster for our games in Spain and France.

Chelsea Aubry
Janelle Bekkering
Leanne Evans
Kalisha Keane
Lizanne Murphy
Krista Phillips
Courtnay Pilypaitis
Michelle Plouffe
Kim Smith
Alisha Tatham
Tamara Tatham
Shona Thorburn

We scrimmaged some boys this morning, it was great to play against someone else! We still need to talk more on defense and our final quarter we turned the ball over too much but overall we were happy.

Tonight is a light walk through of some new plays and getting up some shots.


  1. Holy moly, no Teresa? No KD? Will there be roster changes prior to the next phases of the summer?

  2. Teresa and KD are both getting healthy right now and will be at future camps.