Tuesday, September 21, 2010


A few pics from our trip to Prague. As well as a sneak peek of our flashy new wonderful smelling uniforms!
The final flight was on a tiny propeller plane so all of our bags did not fit! When we landed half of the team was missing theirs. Thankfully they all arrived today on a bus.
The hotel is amazing, while the beds are small they are the comfiest of our Euro trip thus far. We practiced today in a gym an hour away from the hotel, tomorrow is the first day we can practice at the venue. It was a lovely tour of the country side today, it doesn't appear that Ostrava is a bustling city.

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  1. Good luck girls!! GO CANADA GO!
    Hope you all are having fun and playing with heart.
    Your story is truely inspiring.
    (From roger's UFV class)