Sunday, September 19, 2010

If we were playing with NBA rules half of the Greece team would have been suspended... it was another highly physical/dirty game tonight. The game was almost called but we decided to keep playing, two refs in an international game is not enough.

We got down 8-14 points numerous times in the game but managed to crawl our way back. However just couldn't get the rolls at the end to secure a win. It was a great final warm up game, we were very resilient when faced with adversity! With that being said we are sick of warm up games and so ready to start the tournament.

We leave Greece tomorrow in the afternoon. We are once again cramming our clothes into our bags and throwing out whatever is not needed. We would like to voice our extreme displeasure with Czech airlines and their one bag under 20 kilo rule.


  1. Good Luck Canada....we're rooting for you as you begin the world championships!!!!

  2. Go Canada!
    Loving the updates her in Abbotsford :)
    Thanks Kim!