Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Practice tonight was more breakdown work mostly on our zone and full court press.  We got some good shooting reps up as well today which was great.  
As athletes recovery is a huge part of your training, there are quite a few different ideas on how to get your body ready to play again but one of our team favorites is the cold tub.  When I say favorite I mean that in the sense of how great you feel afterward, there is nothing fun about getting into freezing cold water after practice!  At our training facility here at UFV they do not have cold tubs so our wonderful manager Liv and therapist Steve found us a kiddie pool (this was quite a feat considering most stores were sold out due to the recent heat wave).  The pool is set up right outside the dorm rooms and two at a time we sit shivering in the cold tub in hopes that our legs will feel refreshed and ready to run in the morning!  
Practice will be a lighter in the morning and then we are scrimmaging against some boys at night... someone else to beat up on!  

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